TOPRAK SU FİDAN A.Ş. operates in the food sector and was founded in October,2011 in Ankara to provided the healthiest, most natural, and organic food products to their clients.

TOPRAK SU FİDAN A.Ş. uses organic crops in all of their products lin line with the legislations of Ministry of Agriculture and they don’t use any additives in their products including sugar and other sweetening agents.

TOPRAK SU FİDAN A.Ş. presents their products which are produced as quality goods with organic raw materials and high technology under the brand name of BENORGANIC to their clients. Our products have taken their place in Turkish market becoming goods that are favored and relied on. We are exporting our quality and reliable products to foreign markets as well.

Our Mission

To produce quality, natural, and healthy products with no additives in organic food sector in a most efficient way and to contribute to creating healhtier individuals and a happier community.

Our Vision

To be the leading institution in organic food sector with the approach of “Most natural and healthiest products at all times”.

Our Values